How To Get Rid Of Eye Wrinkles & Under-Eyed Bags? And Why It Hasn’t Been Working Out For You!

get rid of eye wrinkles & under eyed bags

You might have been trying out so many different eye creams, from handmade to quality products out there. Still, none of them seemed to work, and the dark circles around your eyes are the things you most notice whenever looking at the mirror. If this sounds like your situation, keep on reading this post.

I’d like to share my experience fighting the aging signs around my eyes and the effective method that work for me – a 20s girl, for my Auntie – a 30s woman, and My Mom – a 50s woman. Side note: We have different routines & habits.

The eye area ages 5 to 10 years faster than the rest of your face. The eyes also have different issues than the rest of your face, so a specialized cream is key. Additionally, eye skin is tissue-thin, dry, and folds on itself — factors that increase absorption and therefore sensitivity. For this reason, face creams may be too harsh, they aren’t always ophthalmologist tested.

1. Use A High-Quality Eye Cream

It never goes wrong to start with using a high-quality eye cream. Why is it?
Not only because of their effectiveness – whether will it blur away the dullness as it promises – it’s also because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. If the product is not OPHTHALMOLOGIST TESTED, then maybe you should consider it.

DT Eye Cream from DT Collagen is Pharmacist Recommended & Ophthalmologist Tested, which promises to bring you younger & radiant-looking eyes within 6 weeks of use.

  • Retinol A – is an anti-aging formula that minimizes the appearance of deeply entrenched wrinkles and fades them away with regular use.
    It also bolsters skin’s thickness and elasticity, and slows the breakdown of collagen (which helps keep skin firm) therefore drastically reducing under-eye bags.
  • Vitamin C & Vitamin E promote collagen formation and mitigate the effects of free radicals, helping to maintain firm and youthful skin around the eyes.
    Especially, Vitamin E can rescue dry, crusty skin under the eyes, and revitalize older skin. Together they bring a youthful look to your eyes.
  • Hyaluronic Acid & Ceramide are natural moisturizing formulas keeping the skin smooth and in good shape. HA increases the moisture content in our skin, while ceramide prevents moisture from leaking out. Together, they synergically work to smooth the skin and prevent future fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Kojic Acid is a natural skin whitening, which offers a natural alternative to more invasive medical treatments such as laser therapy and surgery in getting rid of dark circles, helping reduce the amount of melanin, and therefore fading dark circles away.

2. Use A Hot Beaned-Stuff Or Hot/Cold Gel Eye Mask

This is the game-changing ingredient that gives you a huge boost on your way to radiant eyes. In this technology era, most of us spend at least half of our days looking at screens from digital devices – whether it is phones, tablets, laptops, computers, or TVs. We entertain using them, we work using them. This is why it is easy for our eyes to get fatigued throughout the day.
A cold/hot eye mask helps to regulate blood circulation, improve elasticity and therefore reduce wrinkles & dark circles around the eyes with only 15mins of use every day.

foldable, skin-friendly and washable eyed bags
geting rid of eye wrinkles & under-eyed bags

Put it on and go straight to sleep, you will see the improvements the next day, not just by the brighter look of your eyes, but you will feel less tired around the head area as well.
Depending on your age & your condition, you will see visible improvements within 1-3 weeks.

For me, as a person in her 20s, 4 days in a row of staying up will give me quite visible dark circles around my eyes, but with just one night of putting on DT Eye Cream and using the Cold Gel Eye Mask, I see no evidence of tired dull eyes the following day!
For my mom, it takes around 1.5 weeks, quite impressive, right?

But don’t just use it like an emergency technique, using it regularly will help a lot in blood flow around the eye area, not only help boost the effect of the Eye Cream, it also helps prevent migraines.

3. Don’t Stay Up Late Staring At The Screen

One of the most tremendous factors why you stuck with “panda” eyes is because of the bad habit of going to bed late. Surely, all of us know how bad is it to our health if we don’t have enough sleep, but most of us choose to neglect it.

Not only does lack of sleep make us age faster, but it also does much harm to our bodies. While sleeping, our body/ organs have the opportunity to regenerate cells & boost regulation. For more information on the benefits of having enough sleep, you can visit: https://www.thegoodbody.com/benefits-of-sleeping-early/

So if you’ve been having that habit of staying up late, maybe start setting goals for yourself to go to bed before 12 pm, then gradually before 11 pm, and so on.

Try applying these 3 simple techniques to your routines & see how fast the sparkles come back to your eyes!

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