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STEP 1: On the desired product page, click on  “Add To Cart”

ways of placing an order

STEP 2: Navigate to the cart icon on the menu (top right corner), hover on the cart sign

STEP 3: Click on the CHECKOUT button to get to checkout page

Ways to place an order

STEP 4: On the checkout page, click on a sentence saying “Click Here To Apply Code” (if you have any discount code)
STEP 5: A box will appear prompting you to input code in, simply fill in your exclusive discount code
STEP 6: Click on the button saying “APPLY COUPON” & voila, enjoy your code!

ways to place an order

STEP 7: Scroll down and fill in your billing information

Ways to place an order

STEP 8: On the right, you would find a box prompting for your Credit Card information, simply fill in the box.
STEP 9: Click on PLACE ORDER button for your order to be proceeded!

ways of placing an order

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