What Food To Eat And What Food To Prevent To Boost Testosterone?

foods to eat and prevent to boost testosterone

1. What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone found in humans, one that our sex organs mainly produce. It plays a vital role in the human body.

For men, testosterone is known to regulate libido/sex drive, fat distribution, bone mass, muscle mass and strength and the production of red blood. It also plays an important role in sperm production.

Testosterone production will increase significantly during puberty and at the age of 30 onwards, it starts to slow down.

2. What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone In Men?

There are many symptoms associated with low T, one of which (and probably the most annoying) is decreasing in sex drive.
Some of the other includes:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue / mood swing
  • Feeling irritable, depressed
  • Reduced muscle mass / thinner bones
  • Increase body fat / gain weights
  • Changes in sleep habits
  • Low energy
  • Low self-esteem
  • Less body hair

3. Ways To Boost Low Testosterone

a) Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone Production

  1. Having A Healthy Diet
    By improving your diet, you can lose weight, bringing the body to a balanced state and reduce the chance of blood sugar spikes.

    As pointed out above, men who have obesity are much more likely to have low levels of testosterone. Try to avoid refined carbohydrates and fast food while also help.

  2. Exercise, Cardio & Work Out

    As exercising in general will help us maintaining a healthy weight, this means that it will also relatively help boost low testosterone.

    Focusing on building muscle will be a good tactic in the long run for you along side with cardio practice, as it can help boost your overall metabolism, which means you are burning calories even when you are not exercising.

Foods to eat and prevent to boost testosterone
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3. Have A Healthy Sleeping Routine

You may know this or not, but sleeping does play a fundamental role in our lives. While we sleep, our bodies repairs cells, restores energy and releases hormones and proteins. This means that our sleep patterns have direct impact on testosterone levels.
A study in 2003 by the University of Chicago pointed out that lacking of sleep in 1 week decreases healthy young men’s testosterone levels. 

4. Meditate, Relax, Reduce Stress

We all experience stress once in a while, and just like sleeping, stress has an effect on our well-being, this includes your testosterone levels.
There are many ways effectively reduce stress, try out some of these and see what works best for you:

b) Best Foods To Increase Low Testosterone


Based on a study in 2012 by The Medical Journal of Tikrit University, a daily intake of ginger (can be in any form: raw, cooked, powder, supplements, etc) in 3 months can increase testosterone levels by 17.7% (research on a group of 75 adult men with fertility issues).
Ginger also has a good effect on sperm quality.

2. Zinc (Oysters, shellfish, red meat, poultry, beans, nuts, etc)

Based on a study in 1996 at Wayne State University School of Medicine with participants of 40 men from 20 to 80 years old, Zinc is proven to have a significant role in regulating serum testosterone levels in men.
Oysters are known as a great source of zinc, which is greatly essential for sperm health and reproductive function. Other sources of zinc like shellfish, red meat, poultry, beans and nuts are also worth considering as well.

3. Pomegranates

If you’re interested in symbolism, you probably know that pomegranate has been a symbol of fertility for centuries. It help boost fertility, sexual functionality, support heart health & stress reduction.

A research in 2012 by Queen Margaret University, UK also points out that it boost testosterone levels in both men and women by 24% after 14 days, also an improvement in mood and blood pressure.

Food supplement
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4. Vitamin D (some plant-based milk, milk, orange juice, cereals, etc)

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient, a 2011’s study at Medical University of Graz, Austria found that it can increase testosterone levels in men. Sun exposure is the best natural source of Vitamin D, but not a lot people have a chance to be under the sun everyday.

There are milk that has extra vitamin D supply, some plant-based milk, orange juice and cereals can work as well, but you need to check the label for more information.

5. Green Vegetables (preferably leafy-types)

Based on research in 2011 by Selcuk University, Karaman, Turkey, a daily intake of magnesium in 4 weeks tremendously boost testosterone levels, even in people who barely exercise, but it has a more significant result in people who are active.
Green leafy vegs are rich in magnesium, which is a mineral that help increase testosterone level.

Some of the magnesium source are:

  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Dark chocolate
  • Beans and Lentils
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Whole grains


6. Omega-3 (Fatty fish and fish oil)

A 2020 study across different areas in New Zealand and Australia proved that adding omega-3 (fish oil) that is rich in axit docosahexaenoic help increase testosterone levels in overweight and obese men.

Some of Omega-3 source includes:

  • Atlantic mackerel
  • Herring
  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Trout
Foods to eat and prevent to boost testosterone
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7. Extra Virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has many health benefits, the most significant are reducing risks of heart disease and cancer. It can also improve make reproductive health.

A study in 2013 by Université Hassan II Mohammedia Casablanca, Morocco pointed out that the consumption of Virgin Argan Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a positive impact on the hormonal profile of androgens in men.

8. Onions

A common cooking ingredient, yet greatly benefit in many ways. Onions provide lots of health benefits, supporting the heart and help losing weights.

A 2012 study in Iran among rats says that a 4 weeks intake of onions can increase serum total testosterone levels.

4. What Food To Avoid If You Have Low Testosterone?

Alongside food that help increase testosterone levels, there are some that kind that should be avoided if you have low testosterone levels, including:

  • Soy: A study in 2005 by the University of Guelph, Canada on 35 men found out that drinking protein soy in 54 days leads to a decrease in testosterone levels.
  • Mint:

    A 30 days study in 2009 in UK among 42 women proved that drinking mint tea everyday leads to a significant decrease in testosterone level. A similar research on rats also yield the same results.

  • Licorice:

    A study in 2003 at University of Padua, Italy on 25 men proved that eating 7grams of licorice root every day in a week drops the testosterone levels by 26%.

  • Sugar
  • Processed Foods
  • Canned or plastic-packaged foods: These types of food, obviously, are not good for our health in general as they don’t contain much nutrients anymore, hence having bad effects on our health due to the plastic packaging and pre-heated using microwaves.
  • Alcohol: While a moderate consumption of red wine can have good impact on health, drinking too much can lead to many health-related problems, including low T.

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