9 Benefits of A Healthy Sexual Life for both men and women

When we reach our mid-life stage with many responsibilities to carry on in life, we somehow start to lose that spark in love, that enthusiasm when it comes to intimacy. But it is always there, the spark is still within each of us if we allow it to burn again.

Sex, one of the most important matters in life. Most of us seem to care about it, but not a lot of us talk about it. Did you know, that having a healthy sex life – especially with your partner – can benefit both of you in many ways?

In the end of this article, we will also give you a tip to enhance sexual performance that leads to satisfaction.

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The Benefits Of A Healthy, Enjoyable Sexual Life

1. Lower blood pressure, reducing heart disease risk

One of the most fundamental advantages of an active sex life is having a healthy heart. And this benefits both men and women in a similar way.

For women, regular sex help to lower blood pressure. Based on a study in 2016 on women above 50 years old, we found out that they were less likely to suffer from hypertension! Lowering blood pressure not only helps in decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke but also balances libido.

For men – who have greater risks of heart disease than women, regular sexual intercourse helps lower blood pressure and protects them against the events that cause high blood pressure.

2. Increases immune system function

In a study in 2016 among 112 college students, people who had frequent sex (one or two times a week) had more immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva. This amount is tremendously lower for people who had infrequent sex, or none at all. But for people who had sex 3 or more times a week, the amount of IgA is the same as people with infrequent sex.

IgA helps to prevent illness and is the first line of defense against HPV. This means that our bodies will have more antibodies for common sicknesses like flu or cold.

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3. Boosts libido

Regular sex can increase both estrogen and blood flow, which boost the desire for sex. Especially for couples who need a little heat up in their sex life, scheduling sex can improve your sex drive.

For men, having sex frequently can increase the amount of semen per ejaculation.

4. Improves self-esteem, releases stress and anxiety

Because of the dopamine and endorphins being released through sexual activities, we tend to feel more motivated and positive after having good sex. The post-sex positive effects can help us improve our daily tasks, and motivate us in having a more productive day.

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5. A “sustainable” pain relief

Whether it is a headache or period cramp, good sex can help release those pains. Orgasms really have that magic when it comes to reducing pain.

Even being intimate (not necessarily intercourse) before the period also helps in releasing the pains during women’s period time. Many women have reported that they feel no pain during period if they had some sexual activities before.

6. Better sleeping quality

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Oxytocin – or the love hormone – and endorphins being released during orgasms can act as sedation. Good sex drifts us to a calm, peaceful sleep easier.

And quality sleep can contribute to:

  • a stronger immune system
  • a longer lifespan
  • having more energy the next day
  • feeling more motivated
  • being calm

7. Increases intimacy, building stronger bond with your partner

Obviously, sex is not the only way to strengthen the bond with your loved one, but it is one possible way that is natural, ancient and can help us connect deeply.

Sex requires both to be vulnerable and exposed to each other. And that requires mutual trust. Sex allows couples to explore more about each other – with no distractions. This help increases intimacy and keep the fire going.

8. Counts As Exercises

Sex is considered to burn as many calories as a cardio exercise, and help improve cardiovascular health.

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9. Boosts Brain Power

Ever get so “enlightened” after sex? Yes, the hormones released during sex can help boost your brain power. Sex can make us become more critical, logical, and analytical in the following 24 hours after it.

A study in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour indicates that frequent sex may improve the ability to remember for women.

This somehow has a stronger effect on men than women, men’s memory tends to improve after sex, boosting both recall and formation of new memories.

How to enjoy your intimate time more?

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