Acne Position On Your Face: What Are The Causes & How To Prevent Them?

Acne Position on your face

Have you ever wondered why we tend to have pimples in specific places on our faces? Some people have repeated blemishes on their T-zone, while others have acne on their cheeks or jawlines. Whilst part of the answer lies in our genes, another reason relates to health, metabolism, and hygiene.

In this blog, we are drawing out an acne face map, pointing out the meaning of different acne placement.

1. Acne On Your Cheeks

Acne on cheeks

Now you may have heard of this, but did you know our phones and our hands carried a lot of bacteria? Especially the phone which we don’t really wipe that often. E.coli is one name of bacteria that can be carried by your phone as well! Crazy, isn’t it? If you have to pick up phone calls often by holding it near to your face, touching your cheek, you actually are spreading that bacteria onto your skin – and this is potentially the main cause of cheek acne.

Or if you tend to touch your head by supporting it with your hand like me, then that is a big NO NO, especially to sensitive or acne-prone skin. Dirty pillowcase is another big reason why we have reappearing acne.

How to prevent this:
  • Opt for a bluetooth/wire headset/earphones if your work/study requires you to be on the phone most of the time. Thus a daily practice of wiping your phone screen can be a good habit to start.
  • Pillowcases are suggested to be changed weekly. Another note for the texture of pillowcases if you have sensitive skin is to choose cotton pillowcases or satin ones.
  • Try not to touch your face so often, and try not to touch your pimples as well (except when applying treatments). This is a very bad habit that should be avoid while dealing with acne breakouts.
Acne position
Touching your face with hands should be avoided 🙂

2. Acne On Forehead And Nose (T-Zone)

The T-zone is the area on the face that produce the most oil. This makes it harder to control acne as pores tend to be clogged.
Acne on your forehead and nose can also point out that you are under pressure & stress, or having trouble sleeping at night.

Acne on T-zone
How to prevent this:
  • If you are struggling with controlling oil, try to give it enough moisturize (bizarre, yes i know!) and paying attention to your make-up products (a lot layers everyday potentially giving your skin hard time to “breath”). Now, you may think that if you have oily skin, you should limit the moisturizing products you apply onto skin, this is a faulty concept. Oily skin still need a right amount of moisturizer (whether it’s from Hyaluronic Acid serum or light cream) to regulate oil production.
  • If you have insomnia or going through a stressful time, try a 10 minute neck & shoulder stretch before sleep can be very relaxing, or this 30 min full body stretch for winding down.
  • Try meditating method, you can go from a 10 minutes video to a one hour session. Apps like Headspace or Insight Timer works as well!

3. Acne On Your Jawline And Chin

Acne on chin and jawlines

If you notice there are blemishes appearing around your chin and jawline area, this is high chance because of an imbalance or change in hormones.
This can be due to your new diet, a switch or start with birth control medications, or simply hormonal acne during a menstrual cycle (around 3-7 days before your period).
Gut health can also impact our hormone levels, therefor leading to acne on the jawline. This is particularly true if you’ve been intaking too many carbs or dairy with added hormones.

How to prevent this:
  • And just like acne on chin, supporting your head with your hands can lead to severe acne problems around this area as well. So try avoiding touching your face too often.
  • Plan for yourself a proper diet, see if you can cut down on sugar intakes, white bread, processed foods and dairy.
  • While topical acne treatment that has an-irritation like DT Acne Gel can help control and prevent future acne, an additional supplements of acne control medication can be considered as well – but you must talk to a dermatologist before using supplements.

4. Acne Around Your Hairline

Try to remember if you started to have these acne because you have just changed your shampoo or conditioner? Most of the time if you have hairline pimples, the cause 90% would be because of hair or beauty products. Hair cream or dry shampoo can be considered here as well.

Acne on Hairlines
How to prevent this:

Try to wash it off carefully the next time you apply these products on to see if the situation getting better, if not, then consider switching to safe/natural and quality alternatives.

Are You Dealing With Acne Breakout?

Dr. Robert Tausend and Dr.Dieu Thao from DT Collagen have carried out many studies and experiments in acne treatment.

DT Acne Gel from DT Collagen contains 7% benzoyl peroxide – a recommended factor in treating acne that is trusted by most dermatologists. This gel can be used to treat, control, and prevent future acne, not only that, it also has anti-irritation properties that help calm the skin.
It has been proven to bring visible results within 2-3 weeks of use, especially when using together with DT Exfoliating Cleanser.
See our customer’s images below.


What acne problems are you having?
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Before and after use of acne gel
Anti Aging Facial cream before and after

After 3 weeks of using DT Acne Gel. Real customer feedback.

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